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Recycled aggregate
Recycled Aggregates
Recycled aggregates are the cheaper alternative to quarry stone.  With our need to recycle more of our site waste, together with the rising costs of aggregate tax, recycled aggregates are the perfect choice for your site.

We supply the following recycled materials:

·         Recycled stone – a clean and cheaper alternative to quarry stone.

·         Recycled Clay – perfect for use as a fill, pond lining, ect.

·         Recycled tarmac planings – used to construct solid yet free draining roads and driveways.

·         Recycled Subsoil – used to build up land .

·         Puddling clay – used for the construction of ponds and lakes for maximum water retention.


The use of recycled materials is both environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Over the past couple of years more and more of our valued customers are using our recycled aggregates. 

We can also supply your site with a JS130 excavator with a  rotating screening bucket attachment, with experienced driver.  This equipment has proved to reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill, and can supply your site with clean stone.

Our aim is to increase recycling in our business, and the industry.
Screening bucket attachment

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