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Welcome to John Jones & Son Ltd

With over 26 years experience in supplying the best quality topsoil, we really are the best. 
Our valued customers range from landscape companies, local authorities and blue chip construction companies to the individual green fingered gardener.

We are passionate about our soils, and work hard to source the right soil for you. 

Our topsoil is screened and is free from contaminants. Perfect for areas such as small gardens, up to large landscaping and reinstating projects.


 Our soils

  • Screened Recycled Topsoil

The topsoil is screened to 20mm and is easy to work with.  Recycled soil is environmentally friendly and a cheaper alternative to virgin topsoil.

  • Virgin Topsoil

Sourced from local farmers fields and analysed to BS3882:2007, this is a high quality topsoil with high fertility.  Ideal for gardening and seeding. 

  • Blended compost topsoil

 Our topsoil is blended with the finest quality compost (certified to PAS 100 standards).  The blended soil is high in slow releasing natural nutrients, perfect for any application.

  • Compost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Our compost is rich in organic nutrients and is perfect for growing vegetables, plants or to improve the quality of poor soil.  The compost is screened to either 25mm or 8mm and meets the PAS 100 requirements.



  • Subsoil

We also supply a range of subsoil materials that are ideal for building up ground level and back filling.  Our sub-soils are derived from the recycling process and are excellent compactable materials.


 We can supply anything from 10 tonnes to the amount required.

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